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Our Cause

The Simple Truth Foundation is a non-profit organization created for one simple purpose, to provide help wherever help is needed. Our mission is to provide educational, spiritual and emotional support for families, children and communities. Our focus includes a series of couponing classes designed to teach families the value of simple savings, as a viable way to help balance the household budget.  All classes are FREE to attend and are taught by experienced coupon instructors.

Coupon Quick Reference Guide

cqrg-01The Coupon Quick Reference Guide designed for quick access to everything you need to know right at your fingertips when you need it.   You’ll find your favorite store’s updated coupon policies along with local websites to help you navigate your shopping and savings strategies.   In today’s economy the need to save has never been greater…couponing provides a viable alternative to balance your household budget.  Although couponing is not new by any means, the ability to coupon has never been easier! In this guide, you will find:

Each store has its own set of coupon policies and most can be found on the stores website.  Many times during our experience some of the store employees and occasionally the managers are not aware of their own store policies. 

There is no arguing that technology is playing an important part in today’s life styles including an important part in today’s couponing world.  Your reference guide will provide many of the latest Apps that you can download to your smart phones for additional savings.

The coupon websites that are listed in your guide are designed to provide you and break down the best deals in your local market. 

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